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Yes! My relaxed hair was long and beautiful, but my scalp was damaged in different places and I was experiencing hair loss. I begin watching a few natural hair Youtuber's tutorials and was surprise to see, so many black women with gorgeous, long, and healthy natural hair.  So, I decided to go natural. I transitioned for 22 months and “Oh boy” it was a challenging 22 months.  At times, I felt like giving up and going back to relax hair. But I stayed with it while, watching hours of natural hair Youtuber’s videos, learning my hair type, and purchasing many hair products.  LOL!  Eventually, I figured it out! Now! I love my beautiful Glory of Crown (the hair on the top of my head) and proudly wear it. I also, make DIY natural hair products and teach women how to care for their beautiful Crown of Glory.    
Visit my Youtube Channel.  My Youtube Channel tutorials are filled with healthy hair tips.    


I can be found also on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media platform. 

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